Jamaica Elementary appreciates and values volunteers. Are you interested in volunteering?

By volunteering, you enrich and enhance the learning opportunities of our students. Volunteers provide help to students, teachers, office staff, and the PTSO. By being a volunteer you share in the responsibility of improving the education of all students at Jamaica. Volunteer training sessions are available through our volunteer coordinators.

If you have any questions about volunteering at Jamaica, please call 854-7280.

To Our Amazing Volunteers/Donors:

Our Jamaica staff would like to thank you for the gracious gifts and services you have shared with us so far this year. There has been so much generosity from our parents and community this year to support both our students and our staff. We have been blessed this year with monetary donations from our community for our STEM projects and supplemental curriculum needs, as well as donations to fill our libraries with books and our classrooms with much needed supplies and equipment to help our students succeed. We have also seen an astounding amount of support for our staff projects/fundraisers and for our overall fundraising efforts as well.

In addition to your fiscal contributions, the gifts of time and energy with our staff and students have been overwhelming. Just this first quarter, we experienced an outpouring of volunteers from the community who came to our campus to complete various beautification projects around the campus for the "Serve Our Schools" projects. Some of these projects included the painting of our library, paint and equipment updates to improve our playground areas, various landscaping projects, maintenance projects, garden projects, and complete restriping of our curbs and parking lot. We were truly overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the many projects that were completed, and for time and effort put in by those who came to volunteer. We treasure the family we have here at Jamaica, and truly value the support we receive from our parents and community every day. So, we send a special thank you to all those who chose to come and give of their time and services.

As a staff, I know that we recognize every minute, every dollar, and every shared collaboration that you have been a part of for our school. These combined efforts are truly what make Jamaica such an amazing place to be for our staff and our students!

So, we thank you for all you do!



Andrea Helart,
Principal, Jamaica Elementary